Hi Tech Disposals offers a comprehensive range of services for medical waste disposal in Auckland. We use the latest technologies and operate in full compliance with environmental regulations and best practice safety precautions. We ensure medical waste is safe to handle and safely disposed of.

Medical Waste Solution Overview

Medical waste disposal is a high-priority, high-security process. Many medical waste materials are potential hazards and proper management is essential. The handling of materials, in particular, needs to be secure at all times.

With more than 25 years of experience in medical waste disposal, we’ve developed a highly secure and efficient range of waste disposal methodologies.

The best and most cost-efficient method of managing medical waste is on a custom basis. Types of waste, compliance requirements and basic needs for safe disposal can vary considerably and change over time. We provide a complete range of services, tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our disposals process includes:

  • Medical sharps disposal: Syringes and other sharp objects must be placed in safe receptacles and properly marked as hazards. Our BD disposal system is perfect for needle disposal and other sharp objects. This system includes safe sharps containers in various sizes from 1.4L to 70L sizes. To know more about our medical sharps disposal, look within our brochure.
  • Onsite collection services: We handle the disposal process for you onsite. Our teams are fully equipped to manage any type of waste safely.
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal: We provide all the services you need for the efficient, secure disposal of pharmaceuticals, containers, and other materials.
  • Hazardous waste: We specialize in the disposal of hazardous waste on a strictly best practice basis. We ensure compliance and safe management of these materials.
  • Liquid waste: We have the facilities to manage any liquid waste disposal requirements efficiently and hygienically. We have the capacity to manage all volumes of this waste and different materials.
  • Practical advice, help and support: If your clinic or hospital needs some support with your waste disposal, we’re happy to assist. We can help with compliance, waste management assessments and handling issues according to your needs. We also provide assistance for new facilities and upgrades to help you with your new waste management requirements.
  • Scalable services: We provide our services on a budget-friendly basis. Whether you’re a large hospital or a small professional practice with specific waste disposal needs, we can help. We’ll provide services that meet your current needs and upscale the services as required.
  • Integrate with other waste management services: It’s simpler and far more cost-effective to source waste management from a single contractor. We can easily set up an integrated system of waste management, incorporating both medical waste and routine waste management.

Why choose Hi Tech Disposals: Medical Waste Professionals in Auckland?

We comply with standards and regulations to keep you and the environment safe

At Hi Tech Disposals in Auckland, we keep up to date with regulations to make sure your sharps and other healthcare waste products are disposed of safely and in compliance with all relevant New Zealand regulations.

Cost-effective and convenient medical waste disposal for your business

Our sharps container handling services are not only safer for people and for the environment, but they provide a cost-effective and convenient disposal option. Choose from a hassle-free collection service or full onsite management of waste materials in Auckland. We can also safely carry out hazardous waste disposal for pharmaceutical products, liquid waste and other types of healthcare waste such as flammable, toxic, corrosive and oxidising substances to make sure your working environment is free from potentially dangerous substances.

We provide solutions for every day, not just collection day

For everyday containment of hazardous waste, we have a full range of sharps containers, medical wheelie bins and medical waste bags to help you with segregation and containment of your healthcare waste streams. We use the BD sharps management system, which has a container size for any facility from 1.4 litre containers for a tattoo studio to 70 litre containers for hospital operating theatres.

We collect cytotoxic waste

Sharps contaminated with cytotoxic waste must be incinerated under NZS 4304. There are currently no medical waste incinerators in New Zealand, so cytotoxic wastes must be exported overseas for high-temperature incineration. This is one of Hi Tech Disposal’s medical waste disposal services.

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Waste Management Solutions

Hi Tech Disposals offers a full suite of services to manage any kind of waste. We provide our services according to your needs, whether that’s on an ongoing basis or for a single clean up job.

Our range of solutions for businesses help you to manage all types of waste. Our waste management services include collection and disposal for pharmaceuticals, e-waste, hospitality, the food industry, retailers and other industry-specific needs.

We safeguard your business’s integrity by ensuring excellence in every step of our operation.

Need Some Help Or Expert Advice?

If you’re looking for fast, efficient, cost-effective waste management services for your business, call Hi Tech Disposals. We can help with onsite waste management and provide the guidance you need for best practice handling and storage. With modern facilities and practices, we can manage your hazardous goods, industrial waste and all other waste products.

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