Hi Tech Disposals offers secure, effective document destruction services. If you need help with your destruction schedule, or advice about managing digital document destruction, talk to our experts.

Document Destruction Services

Hi Tech Disposals has fully secure premises. Our personnel include highly experienced and registered security guards with an extensive knowledge of document disposal processes, safeguards and best practice solutions.

We offer a full range of services for document disposal, including:

  • Bulk services: We have the capacity to manage large volumes of hard copy documentation using state of the art bulk shredding and paper shredding. We can also destroy high volumes of old packaging, promotional materials and expired company literature.
  • Digital media, including computers: We can destroy hard drives, disks, mobile shredding, media and tapes.
  • Certificates of destruction: Available on request – a certificate is used to prove document disposal has been properly conducted.


Confidential Document Destruction

We provide secure destruction services to ensure confidential documents are properly destroyed. We also provide secure, lockable containers to ensure documents are kept safe prior to destruction.


The Importance of Document Disposal

Document destruction is an extremely important aspect of business because of:

  • Confidentiality: Business documents are typically considered to be “business in confidence”. Any information contained in those documents may be sensitive to your business associates or third parties. This type of document disposal must be carried out properly to ensure that confidential information remains secure.
  • Digital documentation: Digital documents comprise the majority of modern business records. These documents may also be highly sensitive and must be destroyed the point where data is no longer recoverable.


Records Management and Destruction Schedules

Document disposal should be managed securely and systemically:

  1. Document destruction should be scheduled on a regular basis, taking place after their expiry. This type of scheduling is simple and very efficient ad it usually involves archiving documents.
  2. Needs-based destruction should also be carried out for old business materials and documents that are no longer required.
  3. It’s more cost- efficient to dispose of documents in bulk, unless you need to remove clutter and manage storage space. This is also a great way to remove records and unwanted documents.
  4. Digital document destruction is carried out on the same basis as above. This type of disposal is useful for destroying old backup tapes, outdated materials and other expired digital materials.

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