Secure disposal solutions for print and packaging

We offer a comprehensive range of services for printed waste disposal in Auckland. Using the latest technologies and operating in full compliance with environmental regulations and best practice security and privacy precautions. 

Why Choose Us

For your printing waste disposal

Hi Tech is a 100% NZ-owned waste management company with over 30 years of experience in safe and secure waste management and disposal. We are certified by MPI and Council for most classes of waste disposal, so when it comes to secure waste solutions, trust Hi Tech.


Printing waste includes a range of materials covered by multiple environmental, hazardous chemicals and other laws. We ensure strict best practice compliance in all aspects of waste management and disposal.


Hi Tech offers sustainable solutions for waste disposal. Our sustainability initiatives include recycling and similar eco-friendly measures to ensure that printing waste is properly disposed of both economically and environmentally.


We ensure complete confidentiality in the disposal of printing waste and security-sensitive materials at all times. We also provide destruction services for print work, and other security-related materials as required. These services can be provided on a regular schedule or on a needs basis.

Best Practice Safety

Following safety guidelines for all waste disposal processes

Many chemicals used in the printing industry require specific disposal methods by law. Disposal must be conducted according to these requirements, both for statutory compliance and safety reasons. Failure to comply may incur major liabilities and severe financial penalties. We act in the best interests of our clients to ensure full compliance at all times.

Hi Tech ensures that all waste materials are handled safely and in accordance with best practice waste disposal methods. We also provide full onsite waste management services to help our clients with possible risks.

We manage disposals to eliminate the risks of leaks, vapours from solvents, and other hazards. Each chemical or liquid is managed according to disposal regulations and with all proper safety precautions in mind.

Printed Waste Disposal Overview

Our range of disposal services include:

  • medical waste bags and bins supply and disposal
  • sharps container supply and disposal
  • pharmaceutical wastes
  • toxic, corrosive and flammable liquids
  • confidential documents
  • incontinence waste disposal

We manage the disposal of oil, water and solvent-based inks. We use the latest, safest methods to manage these materials.

We dispose of chemicals, paints, varnishes and other hazardous materials securely and in compliance with relevant regulations.

We ensure safe handling and removal of scraps like chemical or oil-soaked rags, off cut materials, test prints, and other scrap.

We provide clean, safe disposal of these hazardous materials.

  • expired or redundant products
  • pallet damaged products and insurance claims
  • confidential documents
  • sales folders, displays and banners
  • hazardous products like paints, cleaners and aerosols
  • batteries and fluorescent light tubes and bulbs

We contain these materials safely to manage vapour risks and ensure a safe and clean removal.

These materials are handled and disposed of according to regulatory requirements. We have the capacity to manage high volumes of hazardous materials as required.

We dispose of these often risky materials in secure containers to ensure safety at all times.

We handle all printed materials with discretion and privacy to securely dispose of any branded or sensitive information

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