Pristine Skip Bins in Auckland

Choose Auckland’s Smartest Skip Bins for your Construction Waste

We can provide skip bins up to 30m3 to accommodate any building waste materials including that from large demolition work. We can remove bricks, concrete, clay and landscaping waste quickly and efficiently to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible. Our clients choose Hi Tech Disposals because our fleet of brand new modern skip bins enhances your brand image in contrast the miserable and shoddy-looking bins you might be used to seeing on construction sites.


No Waste Too Tricky, No Space Too Small

Our modern skip bin trucks are highly manoeuvrable with a great turning angle so there’s no need to worry about access issues if you’re working on an awkward site. We can deliver a smart new gantry bin in no time even in the smallest of spaces or a problematic residential area. In addition to our great flexibility on location, we are also proud to be licensed dangerous goods handlers. This means that we can supply separate bins for dangerous materials if your job creates hazardous waste, so you can make sure your debris is disposed of properly.


Gantry Bin vs. Skip Bin

What’s the difference between a gantry bin and a skip bin? Not much! Gantry is simply an older term for the same thing, so both gantry and skip bins are what you need for bulk rubbish removal. We offer bins from 3m3 up to 9m3 for general waste and construction waste, and enormous 30m3 hook bins for large demolition work.

Choose our highly manoeuvrable and smart looking skip bins for your next job. Call Hi Tech Disposals now on 09 263 8782 to discuss your needs.


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