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Industrial Waste Disposal In Auckland

From pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies to construction and mining operations, every industry produces waste products that need to be dealt with, often in large amounts.

Industrial waste disposal incorporates a range of waste collection, recycling, and disposal methods to properly manage these products. Therefore, industrial waste management is so vital.

Why Industrial Waste Management Is Important

There are three primary reasons why proper industrial waste management is so important.

  1. Increased health risks and environmental degradation. The waste created by business operations is often hazardous, including toxic chemicals and materials that are corrosive or highly flammable. Such waste creates obvious public safety concerns if it is not taken care of properly.
  2. Environmental spills can hurt local flora and fauna, or seep into soil and water sources, which ultimately contaminates them.
  3. Solid financial reasons to care about proper waste disposal. Companies that pollute face heavy fines, legal action, and potentially class action lawsuits if your actions have caused harm.

Common Types of Industrial Waste Hi Tech Disposals Can Assist With:

Some examples of common, hazardous waste products created by various industries that Hi Tech can help dispose of:

  • Chemical Manufacturers – acids, bases, spent solvents.
  • Printing Industry – solvent rags, waste inks, residue containers
  • Animal Health Industry– raw materials, reject and expired product
  • Construction Industry – paint, solvents, adhesives and curing agents
  • Healthcare Manufacturing – hazardous raw materials, production run-off

Hi Tech Disposals offers a safe, and secure disposal service for liquid, hazardous and general waste products. Call us today at 09 263 8782!