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bio hazardous medical waste

Why You Should Be Thinking About Medical Waste Packaging

Proper packaging of hazardous medical waste is absolutely crucial for safe substance management. The standards and regulations for packaging medical waste depend on the content. Sharps like needles, for example, will have different packaging requirements to corrosives or flammable sub
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Handling Sharps Containers

Sharps Containers: The Rules and Regulations

Due to the hazardous nature of sharps, there are many regulations surrounding the correct handling and management of materials involved. The foremost applicable standards are: Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4261: Reusable Containers for the Collection of Sharp Items in Human an
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Garbage bins full of waste

Household Substances You Did Not Know Were Hazardous

Have you ever poured unused cleaning products down the sink? Or put their bottles straight into the garbage bin? Have you ever thrown away a mobile phone or printer cartridge into the wheelie bin? Without even realising it, you could be disposing of regular household waste in a highly
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Confidential file folder

Why Information Destruction is Critical for Your Business

We’ve all heard the new-age adage: content is king. In the current corporate climate, information is built, sold, consumed, stored and forgotten on a daily basis. It’s everywhere: it’s digital, it’s print, it’s electronic and paper-based. So in the age of content creation, why is info
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Cardboard files for document destruction

Why Should I Engage Professionals to Destroy Confidential Documents?

Not sure what to do with the confidential material building up in your archives? Or maybe you’ve got unused branding material to get rid of? The destruction of confidential or sensitive information comes with increasing risk as information is stored online and digitally. Safe confiden
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