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Sharps Containers: The Rules and Regulations

Due to the hazardous nature of sharps, there are many regulations surrounding the correct handling and management of materials involved. The foremost applicable standards are:

  • Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4261: Reusable Containers for the Collection of Sharp Items in Human and Medical Applications,
  • Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4478: Guide to the Reprocessing of Reusable Containers for the Collection of Sharp Items used in Animal Clinical/Medical Applications, and
  • New Zealand Standard: NZS 4304: Management of Healthcare Waste

Sharps contaminated with cytotoxic drugs must be incinerated under NZS 4304. There are currently no medical waste incinerators in New Zealand, so cytotoxic wastes must be exported overseas for high-temperature incineration. This is one of Hi Tech Disposal’s medical waste disposal services.

The full details of these Standards can be purchased from a number of online publishers. If you can’t obtain a copy of the Standards, consult your hazardous waste removal specialist to find out whether they comply with all relevant Standards. You can contact us online, and we will walk you through the process.

General Tips for Sharps Management

While all Standards should be strictly met when managing sharps containers and medical waste, the following tips apply for everyday contact with sharps and their containers.

  • Handle sharps and containers with care at all times
  • Do not attempt to bend or break sharps
  • Do not remove needles from disposable syringes
  • Make sure you use clearly labeled sharps containers
  • Make sure your containers are puncture proof
  • Do not overfill the sharps container
  • Make sure the container is properly sealed before removal (medical waste disposal professionals can assist with this)

Sharps containers are susceptible to contamination by infectious waste. We highly encourage all business owners in Auckland to engage medical waste disposal specialists to safely remove and process sharps containers to avoid exposure to infectious substances.

Why Engage Medical Waste Professionals in Auckland?

  • We comply with standards and regulations to keep you and the environment safe
  • Cost-effective and convenient medical waste disposal for your business
  • We provide solutions for every day, not just collection day
  • We collect cytotoxic drugs

If you need to safely remove medical waste in Auckland, give our friendly consultants a call on (09) 263 8782 or use our online contact form to get in touch.