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Why Information Destruction is Critical for Your Business

We’ve all heard the new-age adage: content is king. In the current corporate climate, information is built, sold, consumed, stored and forgotten on a daily basis. It’s everywhere: it’s digital, it’s print, it’s electronic and paper-based. So in the age of content creation, why is information destruction so critical for your business?

Well, because information is almost as easy to steal, borrow or skew as it is to create. This means that if information falls into the wrong hands, there’s a risk of damage to your brand, your business, your finances, your employees, patients or clients.

Confidential information is easier than ever to access, and so it needs more protection than ever. Secure document disposal and confidential document destruction services in Auckland help protect your business by reducing your information footprint, digitally and in print.

Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft and financial fraud are commonplace crimes these days. All it takes for frauds to use your identity or claim business expenses is a few crucial pieces of information about you or your business. Leaked emails, discarded documents and even old documents that end up in your recycling bin could pose a threat. Make sure all documents containing your personal or business details are securely destroyed when they’re no longer needed.

Keep Confidential Business Information Secure

Breaches of information – whether intentional or otherwise – are all too easy when business information is housed insecurely. Avoid breaches of information by employees and accidental information spills by keeping sensitive information off shared drives and away from prying eyes. Hi Tech Disposals can help you destroy confidential documents and securely dispose of hard drives.

Protect Your Brand from Damage

Good brand protection means keeping personal information secure at all times and making sure that only aspects of your brand that are intended for public audiences are seen by public audiences. Sensitive information about executives, employees, suppliers, benefactors and anyone else who becomes involved in the business needs to be kept safe at all times. To make sure your brand is safe, get rid of confidential and off-the-record information with secure disposal from Hi Tech Disposals Auckland.

Keep Your Clients’ or Patients’ Information Confidential

Even if you believe your business has no reason to be targeted, frauds, scammers and even tabloid press can use unprotected data from your business records to gain damaging personal information about your clients. This is particularly a concern when high-profile clients are paying for your goods or services, but is also a worry where identity theft and financial fraud are involved. Keeps your clients safe by securely destroying confidential information as soon as possible.


Reduce your information footprint by destroying unneeded confidential documents and having unused e-waste safely disposed of. Call the secure document disposal experts in Auckland on (09) 263 8782 or use our online contact form to talk to a friendly Hi Tech Disposals  consultant today.