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Why Should I Engage Professionals to Destroy Confidential Documents?

Not sure what to do with the confidential material building up in your archives? Or maybe you’ve got unused branding material to get rid of? The destruction of confidential or sensitive information comes with increasing risk as information is stored online and digitally. Safe confidential document destruction might seem unattainable in the age of digital accessibility, but secure document disposal is available in Auckland with the expert team at Hi Tech Disposals Auckland.

What Kinds of Confidential Things Can Hi Tech Destroy?

At Hi Tech Disposals we are fully equipped to collect, process and dispose of documents, data and a range of related object and materials. We can even provide on-site or photographic evidence of the destruction process for your peace of mind.

We can perform the following document destruction services:

  • Confidential document destruction in Auckland
  • Bulk cleanouts of pallets or bins of old documents
  • Destruction of e-waste: computers, hard-drives, tapes, disks, CDs, DVDs, e-media and digitally stored documents
  • Destruction of electronics
  • Secure disposal of damaged branded packaging and promotion material
  • Secure destruction of confidential and sensitive products
  • Destruction of expired, recalled, faulty or redundant products (including forklift damaged products)
  • Safe disposal of hazardous waste products, pharmaceutical and medical products

Hi Tech Disposals has clients from a range of industries. We carry out secure document and data disposal for Auckland businesses requiring the highest levels of integrity.

Some of our clients include:

  • Governmental departments
  • Educational facilities
  • Multinational accounting departments
  • Legal firms
  • Owners of intellectual property
  • Pharmaceutical suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Producers of marketing and advertising material
  • Corporate companies

What Other Services Are Available

Hi Tech has a variety of solutions to handle your secure disposal requirements. We can perform on site disposals for you to witness in person, or secure collection of sensitive waste by our registered security guards.

We also offer lockable wheelie bins to keep your sensitive documents safe while they’re still on site. Hi Tech Red Document bins come in 2 convenient sizes: 120lt and 240lt. The bins are locked and have a slot in the lid to accept documents.

Why Should I Engage Hi Tech Disposals for Document Destruction in Auckland

Hi Tech operates a document collection and destruction service as one of its core service offerings. We offer the following measures to ensure excellence in all secure document disposal cases.

  • Hi Tech collection personnel are registered Security Guards under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act. This ensures an additional level of security for our customers and the industries we serve
  • In some cases, we can perform on site management of waste materials if requested, so that you can witness the process firsthand
  • You can come to Hi Tech Disposals to witness destruction of materials
  • Hi Tech Disposals operates at secure, licensed premises
  • We can provide a Certificate of Destruction on request
  • We can provide photographic or video evidence of the destruction process
  • We ensure that your material is disposed of safely, securely and in compliance with all regulations
  • We make integrity, security, confidentiality and safety our top priorities
  • Hi Tech’s Environmental Policy shows commitment to sustainability. Where possible we endeavour to recover products for reuse and/or recycling without compromising security


If you have confidential documents to destroy in the Auckland area, give us a call on (09) 263 8782 or use our online contact form to talk to a friendly consultant at Hi Tech Disposals today.